Serenity IT Services – your Systems Engineer with a strong background in all the aspects of IT infrastructure, specialized in Active Directory, Exchange & and Cloud solutions.

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Serenity IT Services – we install, upgrade and monitor the performance of systems, infrastructure and software and continually assess all stages of operations to ensure that a problem is solved.

Tijs van den Broeck - Serenity IT Services

Tijs van den Broeck

Owner Serenity IT Systems
Systems Engineer, 12+ experience


As a systems engineer I am generally responsible for the development and maintenance of efficient systems and processes of my clients. The following lists the scope of responsibilities in systems engineering:

  • Systems operations
  • Systems performance
  • Testing, analysis, and retesting
  • Manufacturing
  • Training and supporting
  • Scheduling
  • Cost analysis
  • Proper disposal of inefficiencies
  • Managing & maintaining the networks of my clients
  • Providing expertise to clients with an internal IT department
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Cloud-readiness audits


Serenity IT Services – if you have any questions about our services or about what we can do for you, please feel free to contact us.

Serenity IT Services

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